Built From 50 Years Of Boardriders Experience.
Surfcomp, invented by the surfer, Greg Gillespie, has evolved from a rock solid 50 years of a competitive surfing heritage that dates all the way back to 1964.

North Narrabeen Boardriders Club, celebrated their 50th year in 2014, by leading the way with their smartphone app that takes the hassle and chaos out of running a surfing competition.

Surfcomp are the pioneers in surf-tech – don’t let your club down by using an inferior system. Our patent pending technology is matched by no other system available today.

It’s time your club threw away the scraps of paper and grubby whiteboards of yesteryear and joined the ranks of smart clubs, who have trialed Surfcomp and have found our mobile app to be “simply the best system x 100” – quote from user of an outdated computer based system.

More information: Surfcomp.com

Date: November 4, 2021:

The ToFish micro finance mobile will be the way anybody can give a micro finance loan to an individual in the developing world, that will enable them to be given a hand up out of the pit of poverty.

Micro finance: small loans of typically around $150 that are lent to people in the poorest of countries who have a desire to help themselves by building a business in order to feed their families.

Micro finance loans have no interest and can be paid back at the pace that suits the client. They are a way to not only feed someone for a day, via a hand out but by giving them a resource designed to feed them for life, via a hand up.

Unique: My app is designed to utilize the blockchain to enable funds to be directly sent to the person in need of the loan. There will be no third party taking any percentage of the donation (loan), so that 100% of what someone donates will go directly to the person in need.

It will be engineered to connect verified genuine clients in need, with validated suppliers of goods, livestock or machinery – tasks that the charity organisations will carry out independent of the ToFish organisation at their own expense.

The average percentage that charities consume from your donated dollar is *33%, the ToFish app will eliminate any of this cash grab from your donation dollar. 100% of your donation will go directly to the person’s need.

ToFish will provide the direct way for people who want to know where their charity money is going and to whom it will be sent, with the full reassurance that not a single cent will be taxed out by charitable organisations. 100% of a typical $150 loan will go directly to the certified supply of the goods, enabling the release or delivery of the goods being supplied.

Update on this project very soon..


More information: ToFish.org